Welcome to MOOP- MEDFLOOD !

MOPP- MEDFLOOD is a 4-year project that is the continuation of MEDFLOOD (2012-2015) and is funded by INQUA for the period 2016 to 2020.

The main aim of the first 4 years of MEDFLOOD was to bridge the communities of earth scientists and archeologists working on sea-level problems in the Mediterranean Sea. Results of these activities included several publications on geoarchaeology and paleo sea levels in the Mediterranean at different time scales. During the MEDFLOOD 4-year period, 4 workshops were organized including field activities aimed at fueling discussions and interdisciplinary exchanges between archeologists, physical geographers and geologists on sea level topics.

The aim of MOPP- MEDFLOOD is to enlarge the MEDFLOOD community and encourage the participation of experts in coastal geomorphology and geo-archaeology as well as engineers and hydrodynamic modellers. In particular, we aim to continue the work started in MEDFLOOD, adding other disciplines and new researchers involved in the study of modern coastal processes (such as coastal storms and tsunamis), and extending our researches not only in the Mediterranean but also in other geographic areas.

The study of modern coastal processes has a direct relevance regarding the impact of future sea level changes and extreme events on our shorelines, but also in using modern processes to understand paleo landforms and to explore the strategies adopted in the antiquities to design coastal structures (such as harbours).

Our researches will be focused on small and medium-scale landforms elements (such as beaches, lagoons or small deltas) of the coast that can experience rapid changes in morphology, mainly due to extreme wave events or short term flooding caused by storm surges or extreme wave events.


Medflood is a project sponsored by:

Coastal and Marine Processes Commission


Kick-off workshop of MOPP- MEDFLOOD 2016

Dear Medflood friends we are pleased to announce the kick-off workshop of MOPP- MEDFLOOD that will be held the 8-9 September 2016 in Bremen (Germany)  soon after the ECSA conference “Coastal Systems in transition” The workshop will be hosted by Marum and ZMT and a call for contributions is now open The aim of this …


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MEDFLOOD Workshop 2015

The next MEDFLOOD meeting will take place in Trieste, Italy, from the 15th to the 20th of October 2015 and will be organized by our member A. Fontana and S. Furlani. Please contact A. Fontana (alessandro.fontana@unipd.it) for further information. The program of the workshop includes a 3-day fieldtrip and one-day intensive workshop on Mediterranean sea …


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